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Pet Cremation and Funeral services

We offer a variety of services and products related to the loss of your pet.  We also offer pre-planning for living pets and their pet parents.  We are avaliable 24 hours a day for pick up.  We are there for you and your pet.

Pet Cremation

We offer private cremations, where your pet is the only one cremated. We also offer semi-private cremations, and communal cremations.


Pet Funerals

We have a dedicated space just for dignified pet funerals and viewing. 


Proprietary Tracking Software

We have a proprietary software that tracks your pet through the process.  This assures you that you are getting your pet back. 


Pick up and Delivery

We offer pickup and delivery from your pet hospital or from your home.  We also allow for drop off at our location and pickup at our physical location.



We have a wide variety of momentos to remember your pet.  We have small urns for a bit of ashes, necklaces with your pets noseprint and ash, video recordings of the cremation, video memories of your pet, and many other items to memorialize your time with your fur baby.


Viewing of Cremation

We can arrange for a viewing of your pets cremation in a dignified manner.


Every Urn Engraved

Every Urn will be engraved with your pets name.  More information can be included at an additional fee. 


Grief Help

Loosing a pet is a traumatic experience.  We are there to help you through it with literature, group settings, and referral for private counseling.

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