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About Us

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We are Pet Passages OKC a pet funeral home and crematory. 

Pet Passages is a franchise based out of upstate New York and founded by a wonderful gentleman by the name of Mike Harris.  His mission was to give pets a dignified sendoff to the rainbow bridge.  He was unhappy with how pets were handled in death and decided to improve and perfect a system that tracks pets and has their remains back to their pet parent in less than 3 days.  We are proud to be a part of Pet Passages and the franchise family. 

TIB Enterprise is founded in namesake after a business entity that our father formed.  He is in heaven with our Lord and looks down, I am sure, with pride at our family business.  I am Teresa Armstead and my sister,  Brenda Davidson, are the building blocks of TIB Enterprise. 

I have been in the pet industry since 1978 doing everything from fish and birds to dogs, AKC shows, veterinary tech, wholesale, retail, and grooming.  I love animals and their interaction with ttheir pet parents and feel led to this next career step in my life experience. 

Brenda is a cat person who has been in the human medical industry since early 90"s.  She is the meat and potatoes of the business, keeping books and records, communication with pet parents and staff, and helping everything to run smoothly. 

With the both of us at the helm, we are sailing into a new experience with the guidance of an old hand, Mike Harris and our Pet Passage family.

We hope you don't need us, but when you do, we will be there.  We will guide you thru the passage of your pet and help you remember the good times.  We will be there.  For You and your pet.

Let’s Work Together

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